Independence Day

One of the most inspiring celebrations and respected holidays is Finland's Independence Day. In Finnish, it's called Itsenäisyyspäivä - try pronouncing it ;). Finland's Independence Day is a national public holiday, and a flag day (the national flag is flown nationwide). Fins celebrate their independence every year on 6th December. On that day in 1917,... Continue Reading →

Daycare in Finland

Elias is now 14 months old. Once we arrived in Oulu, we contacted the daycare service coordination team that guides young parents and helps them find a suitable daycare center. In Finland, children can start daycare at 9 months (in Belgium that is 3 months). What we learnt: There are private and public daycare centers.... Continue Reading →

Little Christmas or Pikkujoulu

In Finland winters come early. To brighten up the days, bring joy and light people start decorating their houses with Christmas lights quite early. In mid-November we see the lights on the windows and balconies and some people put up their Christmas trees. About one month before Christmas Eve people start organizing or attending the... Continue Reading →

Our New Home

We live in a rented one-bedroom apartment just a 10-minute walk away from the city center. It's on the fifth floor of a six-story building clad in red bricks. The red brick architectural style is quite popular in Finland. In the residential quarter formed by our and the three other apartment blocks, there is a... Continue Reading →

Lost Key

When Elias, Yulia and her family moved into the furnished apartment, they had 3 keys for the front door of their apartment. On the first evening, one key got lost. We searched everything and everywhere and it was nowhere to be found. On the following day we continued the search but to no avail. We... Continue Reading →

Our First Week

We're here! We're finally here! Roughly 3 years after our decision to move and a few hectic last months in Belgium, we've made it to Oulu. The last weeks were pretty stressful which resulted in almost no posts on our blog. However, those who follow us on Instagram had some quick updates on our life... Continue Reading →

What we’ll take with us

Everyone who knows about our plans asks about what we're taking with us, what we're going to sell, leave in the apartment or donate. We're lucky to have a buyer for our apartment that is happy to take over most of our belongings. The buyer is a young lady that is quite at the beginning... Continue Reading →


It feels that we've done a lot for our move and we have quite some time before actually leaving Belgium. But the numbers, the number of days we will still spend in Belgium, are kind of shocking. Yulia and Elias are flying to Oulu in 23 days (on 28th October 2019) and Ward is driving... Continue Reading →


It's official. On 24th October 2019 we will give the key of our apartment to the new owner. This date is approaching and we're packing.. little by little. It's exciting and a bit overwhelming as well. We're taking only the must-haves with us to Finland: clothes, some kitchen appliances and cutlery, Elias's toys and bed,... Continue Reading →

We’ve got a buyer

We've received a good offer for our apartment and finally signed the sales agreement. One more step closer to closing the deal! The buyer is a 24-year old lady who is buying the apartment on her own. She already lives in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, so she is very familiar with the area and is really looking forward... Continue Reading →

Paperwork before we leave

The move is getting closer and closer, the excitement is noticeable in our family and a healthy portion of stress is driving us to go an extra mile in our last weeks in Belgium. Along with all of this comes a bit of paperwork (or bureaucracy) that we need to take care of before we... Continue Reading →

Friends in Finland

Weʼve been so lucky to be surrounded by kind, caring and fun people. During our studies in Mikkeli we got to know many great people and became true friends with a few of them. As the time went by and we started building our life in Belgium, we became less close to some. Our friendship... Continue Reading →

We Got an Apartment

Moving abroad with a baby is a big step and a huge responsibility. One of the major things we had to take care of to guarantee comfortable life for our family was housing. When we were visiting Oulu in June, we chose two districts where we’d like to life in the beginning. Those were Etu-Lyötty... Continue Reading →

Selling Our Apartment

A week after our apartment was put for sale, we got a very attractive offer. A young lady fell in love with our place and agreed to buy it together with most of the furniture and belongings. Now we’re waiting for the decision of the buyer’s bank on the loan. Hopefully within a couple of... Continue Reading →

We choose Oulu

When you have freedom and an opportunity to pick any city and call it home, you might feel overwhelmed. At some point that was how we felt. So, we decided to start by eliminating the cities and regions where we’d rather not live. Those were the capital region (Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa), the eastern part... Continue Reading →

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